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This great has ship sailed
under many names since she
was built in the 1930's & was
a troop ship during the war years.
She was last known as the
"American Star"

Where is she now?
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More photos by Graham

Below, Graham & Anita Hellewell, Husband & Wife photographer team
as you may remember them on this great ship in the 1970's


Graham and Anita Hellewell were once employed by a private contractor to take photos
of the good times aboard the Chandris Lines cruise ship SS Australis.
Graham actually started out on his own as a single guy on the SS Australis
in 1967 to 1970 and was employed as the senior Photographer.

In February 1977 to December 1977 he was again employed as the Photographer
but this time with his wife. (the husband & wife team)

They were affectionately known as...Those damned Photographers again... :-)

Graham & Anita were on the last voyage for the SS Australis,
that voyage terminated in the harbour of Sydney in Australia.
The ship was then parked at Timaru in New Zealand;
this was the beginning of the end of this once great ship.

Graham & Anita have been kind enough to share these photos
and hope that they bring back fond memories to all who view them.

Graham and Anita were photographers on the RHMS ELLINIS,
a sister ship of the Chandris Lines fleet. This was between
May 1979 to Oct. 1979  Their last trip at sea.

Direct to Graham & Anita's RHMS ELLINIS photos. Select one of the photos below to get there.


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Thank you to Graham and Anita for sharing their photos & memories.

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